Friday, August 14, 2009

Facebook | Puteri Harbour: PUTERI HARBOUR : Laughter comes easy at Puteri Harbour

Facebook Puteri Harbour: Laughter comes easy at Puteri Harbour : "Here at Puteri Harbour, the spacious promenade and green areas are designed to cater your corporate events with exceptional hospitality services that will tailor according to your requirements.

Whether you are looking to entertain your clients, reward staff, develop team building or just wanting a great day out of the office, Puteri Harbour offers an effective and exciting solution with our corporate sailing package:
I. Corporate hospitality
Impress and entertain clients out of the office with a fine selection of cuisines and wines
onboard our luxurious yachts.
II. Rewards and incentives
Reward your team with a leisure cruise into the sunset around the beautiful Southern
Islands of Johor.
III. Team and leadership development
The nature of sailing makes the sport an ideal activity for team building. Individuals are
encouraged to grow beyond their capabilities, stretch their capacities and build high level
of independence and interdependence amongst team members
IV. Networking
A perfect opportunity to get all your contacts in a fun yet enclosed environment.

Other outdoor activities that we offer are as follows:
I. River cruise and firefly trips from Puteri Harbour to Sungai Perapat or Sungai Pendas,
Pulau Merambung, Kukup, RAMSAR Sungai Pulai and Danga Bay.
II. Fishing and diving trips at Pulau Pisang or any customer preferred areas.
III. Watersports – canoe, kayak, paddle boats, water polo etc.
IV. Joy ride
V. Banana boat and wakeboard
VI. Bicycle rental
VII. Boating and sailing courses

We can also host your workshops, meetings, exclusive dinner or lunch at our clubhouse."

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